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The Heirloom Sampler Collection contains our most popular variety from each of the three project sites – Kalinga, Ifugao, and Mountain Province. The Sampler includes three (3) 1lb bags – the aromatic Tinawon White from the historic Banaue rice terraces, our long grained red variety, Ulikan Red, from Kalinga and the striking Mountain Violet Sticky Rice from the remote terraces of Barlig, Mountain Province.

These unique varieties of rice are grown in the Cordillera Mountains of the northern Philippines, which includes a designated UNESCO World Heritage site. Each of our heirloom varieties provides a new taste experience. Our rice is highly aromatic, unusually delicious, visually beautiful and cooks in 20 to 25 minutes. A gourmet experience direct from nature®! All Eighth Wonder rice is sustainably grown, GMO free, and fair trade. So, when you buy Eighth Wonder rice, you are helping a farmer and family live a little bit easier.

Three bags of rice will change the way you think about rice. Forever.


Tinawon White, Ulikan Red, and Mountain Violet rice


Eighth Wonder offers heirloom rice from the famed mountain terraces of the Philippines. Each of

our heirloom varieties has its own distinctive flavor and aroma, with extraordinary taste and texture.

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